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Taking Time to Rest

Posted by JC4LIFE Co on

We live in a world where everyone seems to be going a hundred miles a minute. We rush from one appointment or activity to the next, and we collapse each night only to get up and do it all over again the following day. But this isn’t God’s best for His children. He wants us to live balanced lives. He wants us to take time to recharge our batteries and rest. 

As usual, God leads by example. Genesis 2:2 saysBy the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. God, the Creator of the universe, worked six days, and then He took time to rest. I don’t believe that God needed to rest; rather, He rested to give us a pattern of what would be healthy and good for us to do. 

If we’ll be honest with ourselves, working and being so busy all the time isn’t healthy for us physically, emotionally, or spiritually. If we’re worn out from all the busyness, we have little left to give our spouses, children, friends, and even to God. 

Jesus Christ had a very busy ministry when He walked this earth. He was constantly healing people, preaching, and leading people to His Father. But even He took time out to get away from the crowds. He spent time alone with the Father, received strength and direction, and regrouped mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He made time to refocus on what was important. 

Likewise, we need to strive for balance, too. What if we tried to balance our lives with eight hours of work, eight hours of play, and eight hours of rest? We may not be perfect at it, and there may be times when we need to work extra hours, but this sure isn’t a bad place to start as a preliminary goal. 

Finally, consider this: If the Creator of the universe, Almighty God, needed to rest after His work, then how much more do we need to do the same? How much more do we need to intentionally make room in our schedules for downtime? Do yourself (and everyone around you) a favor and schedule some downtime for yourself this week to recharge your personal batteries. 

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